“Honor God With Your Valuable Things” – How ?


Honor Jehovah with your valuable things and with the first fruits of all your produce.” In the scriptures, the principal Hebrew word for honor, ka-vohdh’, literally means “heaviness.” So to honor a person means to regard him or her as being weighty, impressive, or amounting to something. Another Hebrew word for honor, yeqar’, is also rendered “precious” and “precious things”. Similarly, the Greek word ti-me’, translated “honor” in the Bible, conveys the sense of esteem, value, preciousness. Thus one honours another by showing that person deep respect and esteem.
Giving honor also has another aspect. Consider the account concerning the faithful Jew Mordecai, who on one occasion exposed a plot against the life of King Ahasuerus of ancient Persia. Later, when the King learned that nothing had been done to honor Mordecai for that deed, he asked his prime minister, Hanan, how best to honor the one in whom the King had found delight. Haman thought that such honor would be for him, but how mistaken he was! Anyway, Haman said that such a person should be clothed in “royal apparel” and ride “a horse upon which the king does ride.” He concluded: “They must make him ride on the horse in the public square of the city, and they must call out before him, ‘This is how it is done to the man in whose honor the king himself has taken a delight.’ ” (Esther 6:1-9) in this instance, giving honor to a person included exalting him publicly so that he would be highly esteemed by all the people.
Similarly, giving honor to Jehovah has two aspects: personally showing him high regard and exalting him publicly sharing in and supporting the work of public proclamation of his name.