Heavy K Discloses His Failed Romantic Affairs

Heavy K Talks About His Past Relationships That Didn’t Work Out. On the most recent episode of Podcast and Chill, Drumboss ‘Heavy K‘ was interviewed by podcaster Mac G.

Heavy K’s career is admirable, since he has provided us with timeless hits since the age of 16. Professor’s song “Lento,” recorded by Heavy K, was one of his first hits. The producer discussed his failed relationship with his baby mama, as well as how they met.

“I had a girl named Vivian, and she was my first girlfriend… Naak was talking to a friend when she heard her. I saw her with Anga and went over to ask him to say something on my behalf. He did introduce me to her, and we had a chat. I was broke at the time, so my self-assurance was a little shaky, particularly when it came to the nice ladies… Strong K explained, “I like a sweet lady with brains.”

Heavy K Discloses His Failed Romantic Affairs

“This is the only girl who knew nothing about Heavy K. She liked me for who I am when I was broke. I used to borrow R200 from her just to buy eggs. When I was at Kalawa Jazmee and we didn’t have enough money for a cab and had to sleep on the floor, I literally had to take off my jersey to make a pillow for her,” Heavy K explained. Heavy K decided to take things to the next level with Vivian once he started making money. But first, he needed to figure out who had slept with his girlfriend at the time. The star revealed that Ifani confessed to sleeping with her in a jaw-dropping moment. Heavy decided to dump her after confessing and move on with his life.

He also discussed the issue of blessers sleeping with his children’s mother, Ntombi, and his ex-wife. “As long as I’m not tied to anything and there’s nothing I can do about it,” says the narrator. So long as it serves other men’s egos to break Heavy K’s baby mama, so be it. She will always be attached to me because she is the mother of my children.”

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