DJ Twice Basement Sound Competition Partner.

DJ Twice is one of the next competition partners called OutShineOct. It is a competition that is being organized in association with 2Ten Entertainment, which is seen in the area as well as in videography services by a company that is also in Promoting.

When I was still affiliated with ZimNetRadio an online radio show where I was Djing on a show called Basement Music, I came up with the concept of promoting new artists way back. I was much more focused on the ZimHipHop circles, but with this lockdown, I thought something larger, not a weekly radio show, but an immersive daily show where I could promote where I come from says, Dj Twice

OutShineOct is an Online competition in Mashonaland Central to discover new talent. In Clips of success, 42 musicians will submit a particular topic of the week which will be 5 artists fighting each day and one artist will be eliminated each day leaving the first week with 35. Therefore there will be more challenges, and so on until there is a final 5.

DJ Twice
PeeWhy one of the contestant

The competition is intended to give Mash Central Artist a forum during the lockdown to showcase their talent as it is the time when most people will be glued to their phones.

The contest is still on if someone based in Mash Central still feels the age to take the next step, check out our handles on how you can hear the contest.
We think the event would have been harder if it were done the way online shows are conducted by guys like NashTV. The main focus of this competition will be WhatsApp party, so if you want to be in party U you can find the connection on our social media platforms.

DJ Twice
Sprottery one of the contestant

The positive thing is that this competition is not only for the artist, there is also a chance for the fans who will vote to win a photoshoot session just for attendance. So it’s less like the normal StarBriteZim and more like foreign shows like The Voice or Idols, the fans will be the one who’s going to vote for the winner.

We all know that contests need prizes so we’re affiliated with 2Ten Entertainment and MaVendorTV, they’d have 2 free Music Video for the second prize winner to get a free Music video. We do have a team sourcing for other collaborators and the more the merrier, calling for any Studio to assist with a recording session for the winners and any other form of support that could support us make this competition a blast.

It’s Lockout guys but let’s keep up the mood, get entertained through all of our social media channels. We’re going to send weekly rundown on who’s in and who’s out on YouTube, and highlight reel on Instagram.

DJ Twice
Empire HKD

Follow @2TenEnt and my Twitter handle @ZiDjTwice where I would provide what’s happening on the event.