Fifi Cooper Unleashes #NetSo

On Friday, the 13th of November, Motswako Queen, singer, songwriter, producer, and record label executive Fifi Cooper unveiled her new single, “Net So,” out now via her own label MoCooper Records, the country’s independent and Motswako’s leading entertainment company.

The single was met with so much love and acknowledgment from the industry with shout outs received from various artists and radio stations as they play the song on the airwaves.

“Net So” reveals Fifi Cooper’s inimitable knack for songwriting with honest and vulnerable lyrics, as she alludes, “.”

Of the song, Fifi Cooper says, “ Net So” is a really special song for me because it really encompasses a day in the life of Fifi Cooper and what she does on a daily basis. The overall theme of the song talks about the real life activities in the life of Fifi Cooper, she talks about her day to day life and how she lives it to the max, either be it working in the studio recording, as a CEO or just turning up with her team.

From embarking on an independent rap solo career,building the only woman owned label and debuting her new role as the executive producer of MoCooper Visuals, Net So was premiered in various countries across the continent. The song went live on online stores with playlisting in Swaziland, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and the queen was interviewed on 2 of Uganda’s  Urban TV stations and XFM Radio.

Download: Fifi Cooper – Net So