Even though she has the most nominations, Beyoncé “opted not to perform” at the Grammys.

It’s the third time in Grammy history that the artist with the most nominations has declined to perform (the others were Kendrick Lamar & Jay-Z).

We’ll probably hear about this year’s Grammy Awards for another week or two, but with the ceremony starting in just two days, details about the event are pouring in like a flood. Most of the talk about the Grammys today (March 12) was about The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, and Beyoncé.

This year, we extensively covered The Weeknd’s surprising snub, and we also heard that Bieber could not attend because his song, Changes, was not nominated in the R&B categories. Following the Los Angeles Times’ interview with British television producer Ben Winston, who has taken the reins of this year’s program, Beyoncé has been trending on social media all day.

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During their conversation, it was mentioned that Beyoncé, who leads the nominations with nine, will not be performing. It’ll be the third time in the show’s history that the artist with the most nominations won’t be hosting, and Winston was asked about how viewers would respond when they hear that Beyoncé “elected not to participate.”

“It’s a shame, because she’s such an important member of the Recording Academy. “We wish we could have gotten her onstage,” Winston said. He also told a story about another artist—who he didn’t name—who was invited to perform this year but declined because they were still angry about something that happened years ago. Winston is in an odd position because he is in charge of making sure the show runs smoothly, not who is nominated or who wins.

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“You know that’s the deal when you take over the show,” said Winston. He spoke with music executives and labels about “what they thought about the Grammys.” When speaking with the unnamed artist, “She was like, ‘I got snubbed three years ago, and I’m still annoyed about it.’ I told her, ‘Right, but you know that’s nothing to do with me?’ She said, ‘I don’t know — it sort of is, isn’t it?’”

Back in December, Megan Thee Stallion said in an interview that she and Beyoncé were in talks to perform their “Savage (Remix)” at the Grammys, but it doesn’t look as if that’s happening.