Emotional cast and crew as they wrap production after 8 years of ‘Isibaya’

Although viewers of Isibaya will not have to say goodbye to the drama just yet, the fact that it is no more was real for the cast and crew on Tuesday as after eight years of storytelling they wrapped up production.

Mzansi Magic reported last month that Isibaya will come to an end this year after months of speculation in 2020.

Bomb Productions posted a snap of the last slate and a heartfelt note of appreciation to the cast, crew, and other supporters for being with them over the past eight seasons, taking to social media.

“The day’s final slate. Eight seasons of Isibaya’s beautiful and thrilling journey. We (the Isibaya & the Bomb team) are thankful every night to be in the homes of our viewers, to become part of their everyday conversation.

Emotional cast and crew as they wrap production after 8 years of 'Isibaya'

As he reflected on his journey with the Mzansi Magic drama, actor and author Chris Q Radebe was emotional on his Instagram.

“Today was Isibaya’s last day of production. It’s done, after eight years,’ he said.

What many are not going to know is that I was one of the creators of the show’s second season in 2014. Yeah, you’ve heard that correctly. Then, I was just a blogger, always wet behind my ears. Four years later, Bomb calls me in, offering me Dabula’s job. I thought I was dreaming. I had to ask Angus about five times if he was confident that I would be able to play the part. I had not acted before,’ shared the actor.

Chris went on to thank the cast and crew for what they did to bring Isibaya to life together.

Read Chris’ full post below:

As they penned their farewell letters to Isibaya and the characters they brought to life, actor Aubrey Pooe and actress Zinhle Mabena also got into their emotions.

An emotional Zinhle posted a photo of herself and the late actor Andile Gumbi, with whom she began performing at the stage.

“What an emotional time,” said Zinhle.

I chose this specific picture because I began this trip with a friend who is no longer here. I kept playing back beautiful memories of us on set on the first day of my return and as this beautiful show ends, I recall how anxious and excited we were to be part of such a phenomenal journey. His passing taught me to live, but my heart followed more than anything. ( I still miss you Andile, and I’m blessed to have carried the baton in your absence).

Aubrey, who joined Isibaya as Fenyane in 2018, shared his appreciation for the lifelong friendships on set that he made.

In this short period, I have made some friendships and connections with this production from which I can never walk away. It’s been a journey for the most hardworking crew, cast, and production team (with joys, frustrations, and laughter).