Elkiezy set to release “Never Say Never” Ep

Wesley Zimheni, a young Byo rapper best known as Elkiezy, is set to release his first Ep as a solo artist. Elkiezy is a born and raised Byo artist who entered the music business in 2017 after discovering his love of music.

“I started rapping when I was very young , at that time I used to rap on other Celebrity’s music so we can say they were my icons. I started rapping on Rick Ross , Lil Wayne ‘s music just to mention a few, that is when my brothers started encouraging me to compose my own music. At first it was hard for me to actually write my own lyrics but as time passed on I improved.”

“In late 2016 I decided to create a musical group  “Ruling Clan” with my fellow friends Tulkit and L.S Dope. In early 2017 that is when I composed my first official craft which was an album titled “Rising With Flavour With Juice” which featured the likes of Zein D and Jay. Later that year I turned the musical group into a brand, so the Ruling Clan is now more than a musical band but a brand too.

Elkiezy set to release "Never Say Never" Ep

Then in 2018, I went to release a couple of singles with Young Kush and Shane Moodly and even did a musical video leaving the gap of more than a year since I last released something. So before the end of March, I will definitely release an Ep for my listeners titled “Never Say Never” which consist of the pre-release song titled Lately featuring Aliah”

“So you can expect to hear great sound from the different artists the likes of Red Face Dreezy, the Ruling Clan, Aliah, and some crazy production from the B.A.An award-winning producer Godwin Smallz, Dj Hextorflame, and SheKnowsKoKo. The tracklist will be uploaded on my Facebook page @rulingclan you can check it out”, elkiezy said during an Interview with the fusemag team