Econet users excited over the MyPoint rewards promo

Econet clients are excited over their current promotions. Whenever you transact with Ecocash you earn some points which are redeemable at the end of the month.

The points are converted to cash and you will have your money deposited into your EcoCash account equivalent to the number of points that you would have accumulated.

The current promotion has been commended by many people. Of course there is the issue of monetary limits as per the directive given by the RBZ, but there is still excitement over the promotion. For every ecocash transaction that one makes, there is a corresponding points reward awaiting.

At the end of each month Econet does reconciliations to award the points in the form of cash. Most people have expressed relief and excitement at having their bonus points redeemed in the form of cash. The transactions are quite easy and automatically compiled within the system. What Econet users simply have to do is to transact.

Econet is the largest telecoms service provider in the country. It boasts of a wide array of clients ranging from individuals to co oporates. Although it was dealt a major blow by the RBZ by limiting the amount of money that ecocash can transact in a day to 5000 rtgs, the company remains the people’s favorite choice

Points earned differ in accordance with the amount transacted. This mean people actually get to be rewarded different amounts in accordance with their daily transactions. The My points rewards program has indeed been welcomed with open arms by clients.

People have called for the promotion to run for some time in order for them to enjoy the benefits of using the ecocash platform.