EASi T.R.T’s new mixtape includes a feature from Nasty C.

After two weeks of deliberation, confusion, and speculation about why EASi T.R.T charges $250 for features.

Most people, especially artists, were bound to be critical of this move. Some have gone on to say that EASi is insane and egotistical, but artists such as Mandie Mae, Rayo Beats, Mzistozz, Frillex, The Whole Tribe, and P Jamez, to name a few, all advocate for value over fame.

This initiative has resulted in a conversation in the Bulawayo music industry, which is exactly what it was intended to do.

T.R.T, on the other hand, announced on March 7th that he will be releasing a collection mixtape with all of the features he has been a part of.

EASi T.R.T's new mixtape includes a feature from Nasty C.

Nasty C, Rockie DoUb, Mzistozz Mfanafuthi, R Peels, Mr Kata, KoKo, Colour, P Jamez, Killa Nox, Stoech, Claudine, Smash Kid, and Lil Pac all appear on the project, titled The Collabo Package.

It is certain to be a massive project for 2021, and it also demonstrates why he charges $250 for feats.

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