Dexter Cooperation is the best place to start your career/business.

These days, it’s only a matter of time before the world evolves completely away from physical and hard copy marketing tactics. Take a look at marketing. Dexter Cooperation the best place to start your career/business.

This is because all is at the fingertips, unlike in older days, even learning is now done online, students are exposed to e-learning. In almost all avenues of everyday life, physical interaction is steadily being phased out. Digital marketing, as such, is on the increase.

Dexter@Cooperation is one such organization. To school modern-day society into the cutting internet age, it is the prime invention. Via digital ads and marketing campaigns, the partnership aims to help companies expand to world-standard companies. It provides vital services through aspects such as glamorous logos, intense company or artist publicity, video advertising, as well as website building and management for the best first impression of your career or business.

Companies and individuals who stand as artisans or business figures will have their vision and purpose achieved by Dexter@Cooperation in terms of advertisement and marketing. The business also does graphic design, website design, video advertising, and is increasingly expanding into the apparel industry. The firm has made many designs on masks due to the high demand for masks caused by Covid 19, which sparked the logical idea to completely venture into clothing and designing.

Dexter Cooperation is the best place to start your career/business.

The company’s foundation is still to help companies thrive mainly by digital marketing, which will be reflected in all these other aspects in which the organization will branch out. ” Dexter@Cooperation is a company in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe founded in 2020 basically dealing with the advancement of individuals and organizations through its services like, graphic design, video adverts, photography, artist management as well as marketing and promoting products/services.

In all its industries, Dexter@Cooperation has strengthened the quality of operation. In the presence of many organizations in Africa and a few outside the continent to which it has provided its services, it has brought an international flow. One of its goals is to establish an anonymous market for the local music industry, which has gone an extra mile to satisfy artists’ aspirations by engaging in joint projects with international organizations such as Sky Holdings 24 and local businesses such as Shut up and Groove events that are eager to assist in the investment of committed artists.

Currently, Dexter@Cooperation works with a few artists, namely Maelish, Dj Moovuni, WiFiKid, Dj Peppa, NK RETRO, and Dr. C’Khupha Maelish, who recently released a single medley title where he mixed exotic songs vocally.

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NK RETRO is a producer who has delivered the most soulful instrumentals in the past year as well as this year. On the 1st of February he released an album titled KARD INSTRUMENTO


WiFiKid is a producers who has worked with many artists like, Black and white, Code Black, Dj Peppa and Dj Moovuni he has one of the best work on the market check out his tracks