DashTee – Shona King Album

Born on September 8, 1999, he began rapping in high school in 2016. Chris Brown, one of the greatest rappers in music history, inspired the rapper. The Shona King album, which was released on July 20th, 2021, had 13 tracks.

This is the story of Dashtee, a rapper whose real name is Tanaka Stanslus Chinyanga.

After The 21st Star album and the Angry Birds mixtape, which were both released in 2020, this is the second successful album. Since releasing his debut album in 2016, the rapper has laid a strong foundation in the industry, with a track titled Mukuru Mukuru that drew a lot of attention. During this time, the rapper signed with The Team Ambitious, a group of up-and-coming and established artists dedicated to assisting artists in their rise to fame. Now, in 2021, the rapper is set to release the album THE SHONA KING, produced by Allykin and Dollarvybez, which will premiere on YouTube on July 20th.

Dashtee compiled and wrote 13 tracks for the album, which are as follows: SHONA KING served as the album’s intro, with MWANA WAMAMBO serving as the second single, and GRINDING featuring Pk raps, Atd savage, Trannel, Julbus, Taypd, and others. The official video for Plug was shot by Viva Africa TV and featured Dashtee and Atd Savage. The Shona King album has 13 tracks that were recorded by Allykin, Yb, and Tizay and mixed and mastered by them.

DashTee - Shona King Album

Above all, the compilation is a playlist created by Brightlights magazine’s pure management to shed light on all the mysterious raps….. This has aided in the development of local talent as well as more up-and-coming artists such as Dashtee. Since its release in 2016, this has been the crowning achievement of the Second album, which follows The 21st Star. Jei shadow, Mico Belvis, Natasha Muz, Yb, Dashtee, Melmery, Trannel, Julbus, Dollarvybez, Taypd, and Atd Savage are among the artists featured on the album.

These guys came up with the following tracks: Way up—Say so ft Melmery —All this time ft Dollarvybes —Vazukuru. The song Mwana WaMambo (Jehovah’s Son) on the album inspired this Shona king story. The album has now produced 11 tracks, including two videos, The Shona King and Plug ft Atd Savage. Follow The Shona King on all digital platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and listen to the album right now at this link.

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