Dancehall’s Reigning Champ Govana Is ‘Undefeated’ In New Music Video: Watch

Arguably the most entertaining emcee of 2020, Govana spent the chaotic year churning out massive hits, declaring himself ‘Undefeated in his brand new music video. 

From Likkle Bit A Money to an overdue Gyallis Class, Govy Govy gave fans his all and laid claim to the airwaves all year long. The Up Front singjay dropped his HAMANTS album in January, following that feat with the amusing, much touted HAMANTS Convo video series, whose finale just gained over 1 million Youtube views in a mere five days. Not only surviving but surmounting the odds, the champ takes the proverbial victory lap in the new Shot by Deth & Shane Creative visuals.

The Rapture singjay is the embodiment of a strike force, but his fans know he’s no overnight success. Govana is the product of patience, perseverance and an unmatched lyrical prowess revered by male and female fans alike. That talent paired with a knack for visual storytelling has him miles ahead in the game, and the “unstoppable, unfloppable” deejay delves into the details of his journey on the new project, shot on location in his gritty Spanish Town hometown.

Download: Govana - Undefeated (Official Music Video)

Big Bang Studios’ mellow beat carries Govana’s confident introspection as he acknowledges the helping hands — from Aidonia to his mom — while blasting the naysayers, doubters and trolls: “Nuttn man ah come from so mek mi prosper/ keyboard shotta, internet gangsta/ strike force lead out pon a monsta/ same way dem try fi downplay man ting, ah same ting dem used to do to Didi an to Poppy an to Alka/ Mi neva beg no bwoy fi no strength or no sponsor/ Norman Manley, JFK back to Sansgter.”

From his days as the little-known Deablo through to 2020’s successes, Govana’s magnetism has made him a genre mainstay. The video is now top 5 on Youtube Jamaica’s trending list and it’s clear the 4th Genna has found the winning formula. As he puts it, “beat di odds, leff dem intrigued by mi brilliance (wow)/ dem ah wonda how mi dweet, what’s di stimulant (how?)/ in a world by miself mi ting nuh similar/ di champ, di gyal dem nutty buddy, govy govy, si mi yah.”

Download: Govana – Undefeated (Official Music Video)