With their upcoming single Dream Chaser, Pyrex Music and CTL are poised to dominate the music scene

You just know when you first hear a song. When CTL, a Bulawayo native, releases his unconventional debut “Dream Chaser,” this is exactly what will happen. It’s not that I think CTL will be the next big thing or that this song will be a hit single, but there’s a weight to it that feels like the start of something big.

To begin, we wanted to express our gratitude to Kikki Dinaj and the Pyrex Music team, who have been working with CTL since they met during a studio session in Bulawayo.

CTL has been spotted with Hip Hop artist Asaph on numerous occasions, and we can’t wait to hear if something is in the works or if he is simply being mentored by the Multi-Award winner.

Tafadzwa Tarukwana, Asaph’s birth name, was born in Bulawayo. After one of the many authors in the Book of Psalms, he chose the name Asaph because he believes his music will bring all of Zimbabwe’s youth together. The name Asaph means “Jehovah has gathered.” His parents are pastors in a church in Bulawayo.

Months after his ‘ASAPH – Asipheli Moya feat. Msiz’kay‘s phrase became a part of Hip Hop jargon in 2019, Asaph’s single ‘Vibe Is Correct’ went viral on Zim Scenes, complete with a dance challenge.

The upcoming single Dream Chaser features Antony Riley Mapondo’s production, also known as You Fired Up Touch, the founder of Pyrex Music Records…

Luveve High is where I went to school… I grew up in Cowdray Park and began producing music in January 2020.

Adridge is the name of a Pyrex Music Records artist who will also be featured on the upcoming single. On October 7, 2001, he was born at Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo.

So now you know why I have a seven in the middle of my name. I was born into a family of six, and I was the only male (third born) child. I went to Luveve for pre-school (grade zero), and then to Inzwananzi for primary school (where I first discovered my talent for music, dancing, and other forms of art, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a living out of it).

With their upcoming single Dream Chaser, Pyrex Music and CTL are poised to dominate the music scene

We made Dream Chaser with Tiago, and the song’s entire concept is about us young artists doing everything we can to make our dreams come true, and in the song, I rap about what I want and go through, unlike other trap artists who rap about things they don’t have or do, I wanted to do something different.

Though rapping and trapping aren’t my preferred genres (I prefer R&B and trap soul), I wanted to show that I can do both. He continued,

My opinion of music stems primarily from my upbringing; I am unhappy with my family situation and want to change it, so I use music to do so.

My music is primarily about love, some life experiences, and some issues that people face, and I hope that people can relate to it. Show your support for my recent work on Dream Chaser by leaving a comment.