Wake Up is a call to South Africans and the nations of the world, Covid is a scam, and Lockdown is not acceptable

Covid is a scam, and Lockdown is not acceptable. While you sleep, something greater than State Capture is taking place – a COUP of immense proportion!!

Your freedoms and livelihood are in jeopardy. Your life, your future, and that of your children are at risk. Coveted and covert attempts are underway to subvert the economies and sovereignty of countries, including SA. The scheme is headed by Bill Gates, WHO, UN, WEF, IMF, World Bank, Communist China, Big Tech, and is endorsed by politicians, the media, and the scientific community.

It is called THE GREAT RESET, advocated by UN WEF, assisted by leaders, central bankers, ministers, big business (banks, supermarkets, technology, telecommunications, etc.)-DAVOS. At the center of THE GREAT RESET is Covid19. Read about it here:

As an excuse to launch and push THE GREAT RESET down our throats, Covid19, a seasonal respiratory illness that is at its height in winter, is used. Phrases such as “New normal” “Build Back Better” are heard. Without our permission, they are re-engineering the environment and our lives. When you look critically at all the facts before us about Covid19, it becomes obvious that there is a major agenda behind the unscientific and repressive acts by governments since the outbreak.

There is simply no empirical evidence that supports the acts of the government. Issues such as PCR test reliability, the disparity between individuals dying ‘OF’ and ‘WITH’ Covid19, the efficacy of lockdowns to avoid Covid19, the science behind masks, 21,000 cases of flu death disappearing. The more you dig, the more holes in the existing narrative appear.

In THE GREAT RESET, Covid19 is important because:

Wake Up is a call to South Africans and the nations of the world, Covid is a scam, and Lockdown is not acceptable

Lockdowns are killing small businesses, wiping out the middle class.

Lockdowns have taken millions out of jobs and made them dependent on the government, eliminating their power and freedoms. The one who feeds you regulates you.

Lockdowns are killing countries’ economies. For six months, productivity stopped. Imports and exports have been suspended. The government has pressured the IMF to lend R500 billion. At the cost of national security, the government would be forced to borrow ever more cash from foreign lenders.

Covid19 vaccines are going to be MANDATORY. You’re going to be forced to get a jab or risk being persecuted. Covid19 vaccines are based on mRNA technology, allowing vaccine developers to alter their DNA/gene.

Imagine that a eugenicist like Bill Gates has access to your DNA! It is the belief of the richest and most influential of the world, including Bill Gates, that there are just too many useless eaters on earth, particularly in the Third World, such as Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Gates placed population management at the core of his family base.

In order to track the uptake of vaccines, new vaccine monitoring technologies will be introduced and forced on each and every one of us. This is where the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes shape-“the fusion of the digital, BIOLOGICAL, and physical worlds”

The acquisition, delivery, and regulation of Covid19 would further bankrupt nations, pushing countries to borrow more from the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bank of China. The loans come under more restrictions. Most nations are going to default. The currency would be devalued. A cocktail of collapsing economies, currency devaluation, loss of control through astronomical conditional borrowing, sick/weakened populations through experimental Covid19 DNA-altering vaccines, and micro-chipped societies would all set the stage for ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

THE GREAT RESET, Agenda 21, and Agenda 2030 are all geared towards One World Government under the rule of the United Nations, One World Digital Currency(crypto) linked to the microchip in the body(vaccine surveillance), One World Military, One World Religion under the Antichrist. Your government and the heads of the political parties have all signed up to THE GREAT RESET.

Big companies that were permitted to work during the lockdown, such as the Big 4 banks, big retailers, etc., have signed up. Ramaposa and the ministers of government are working for the UN.

Ask yourself this: is there going to be a place for you in the GREAT RESET? Are you going to be called an important worker or a useless eater? Will the computers and robots be able to do your job better, quicker, cheaper? Are you going to take a DNA-altering vaccine?

When you debate about Zondo vs Zuma, Ace vs Ramaphosa, RET vs Thumana Mina, celebrities and influencers’ shenanigans, the endless reality TV shows and soapies, the Dog Food Cooking show, and dance challenges of Tito Mboweni note that a COUP is taking place.

We encourage you, fellow human beings, to learn, study, think objectively, think critically, and ask tough questions.

Don’t take the face value of what politicians and other media have told you.

Pray! And pray! Pray for the light of Heaven.

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