Cassper Nyovest To Release AMN Merch

Cassper Nyovest has acknowledged several requests from fans who have asked him to produce merchandise to celebrate his latest album, Any Minute Now. The rapper has been flooded with merchandise tweets, and it looks like the fans got just what they were looking for.

Fans were initially puzzled by the fact that Bonang Matheba had received a package from the Family Tree store in Cassper, triggering confusion that the clothing for Any Minute Now had been unofficially released. The rapper quickly explained that he had actually sent a gift to Bonang and asked the fans to hold tight while working out his collection’s final touches. He was tweeting, “Yoh!!!” Plaisitse Bonang ong ka batho!!! The merchandise will be available soon, boys, I promise!!!! I’m drawing up a proposal!!! ”.

Cassper also assured fans that the merchandise drop would only be a one-time deal, and essentially … if they snooze, they would lose! “The Collectang macente is so long that you don’t miss the drop. It’s really limited edition stuff, so yeah … just one fall. Don’t say I’ve never warned you before, “he said.

Yamkele Twele tweeted, “I want the soooo bad merchandise!” Seeing it on the Insta story of Bonang I want it. Especially the hoodie, “while others question whether his limited collection would be available in-store. Cassper told his followers that it would only be available online and would remind them of a definite launch date in the near future.

On Tuesday, 22 September 2020, the rapper reported that if his fans really wanted him to drop his line of merchandise, he would be able to release the branded parts within two or three weeks. After an overwhelming response, many of them using the AMNMerch hashtag, Cassper started on Monday, 28 September 2020 that the parts are currently being manufactured.