Calvin Mangena preaching through music

Calvin Mangena, a 19-year-old Bulawayo born and raised, preaches through Gospel music. Calvin Mangena is an Afro Gospel artist and the voice behind “Sezabuya” is a track that has been making noise for a while on the Skyz Metro Fm and has been on the top 10 gospel list for a while now.

I was in the church choir when I was a young boy when I discovered that I enjoyed singing, so I wanted to go into the music business. I have chosen music because I realized that I could express myself much better through music. What I love most about Gospel music is that I get a chance to spread the word of God through music, reminding people that Christ is on h

“My first ever official project was “Sezabuya,” a track where I was raising awareness to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that God is on the way and we have to prepare ourselves. The song did well then I anticipated and I even got a positive response and that alone made me keep pushing my music which leads to a new release”

“My second official project was titled “Mabasa enyu,” where I was thanking God for everything that he has done in my life because am doing this interview with you because of God I would be probably dead but because of his mercy towards me am not”

I then realized “Ubusuku buyeza” where I told people that God is on the way, but I have been going through several struggles like any other artist in Zimbabwe as an upcoming musician, the greatest of them failing to acquire a sponsor because music needs money to develop for it, but hopefully God will intervene and be better next year. I’m going to launch an Ep at esigodini in Athens for Athens.