Buju Banton Blast Mask Wearing As COVID Distributed In Jamaica, “Who Fi Dead Ago Dead”

Buju Banton sounds like a COVID-19 scenario in Jamaica when calling for an end to wearing a mask.

Buju Banton has referred to his mistrust of persons/organizations in control in many of his songs in his career. However, they seem to have become so powerful that they need to be communicated directly with their people without some kind of fluff. Gargamel jumped onto his Instagram account to post a series of videos about the validity of coronavirus interviewing governments around the world, along with the World Health Organization [WHO]. On that basis, it rejects the request by the said organizations to wear a mask, along with other steps taken since March to curb the spread of COVID-19.

“We wah done with this mask wearing bulls**t inna Jamaica and who fi dead ago dead and who Nah go dead ago just live,” Buju Banton boldly states.

World O Meter’s data reveals that Jamaica has since recorded over 8000 cases, with just over 4000 being placed among the recovered and 174 deaths. Meanwhile, 40.9 Million persons have contracted the virus worldwide, with 30.6 Million of that total having recovered. Sadly, the data also shows that over 1.1 Million persons have died as a result of complications brought on by the virus. While the death toll is truly staggering, there have been queries from persons questioning if victims died “from’ or ‘died with’ COVID-19.”

“We tired of you intellectual fools trying to tell us how to live our lives, if you are so smart why haven’t you found the cure for cancer,” Buju questions. He proceeded to attack the government of Jamaica for instilling fear among members of the population while not tackling the economic and social challenges that we already present, and have escalated as a result of the clampdown.

“What have you done for all those you have laid off and forced their business to close early? Jamaican people need to wake up and me done wid the f__kry!” Buju Banton said as he blasted the government.

“Me nah wear no mask cause mask no make fi man. So hear this a from September/January uno de bout and a f__k wid the people dem. Free my people!! NOW!!!” He chanted in the video uploaded recently.

The “Blessed” deejay uploaded another video expounding on just how the powers that be control the thought process of the masses. He used the rise and fall of some of the biggest names in entertainment such as Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby, to highlight such. “Don’t you see that they’ve been lying to us for all these times so why should we believe them now,” he questioned.

While taking another jab at the ability of the virus to be transmitted through human contact, along with its seemingly selective nature, the reggae singer called for Jamaicans to “wake up.” With the Hon. Andrew Holness being re-elected for a second term in Jamaica’s recently concluded national election, Buju decided to touch on the pivotal point of many persons being easily led, when he spoke on votes being procured for shortsighted monetary gain. “From uno sell uno vote uno no have no sense,” the “Destiny” singer preached while alluding to greater perils if a change of mindset is not administered.

“My love for you supersede all that this world has to offer. I will not join the other entertainers and try to trick you, I will not lead you on a path of destruction I have always been sincere and true to you my people,” the recently freed entertainer said about his reasons for going against what he sees as “destructive” forces. “A lot of people are benefitting by touting and pushing my people to a path that is totally destructive, here in Jamaica, there in America. I don’t care. My life is not mine, it has never been. So while I’m here with you stand up,” he requested once more.

Buju Banton picked up massive support from many of his followers, but not everyone was sold on the idea of not wearing a mask.

“I’m a big fan of yours, but COVID-19 is a real nonsense. Too many people have contracted it, we’re disappointed that others aren’t running, yes, disappointed at home, yes. But we all have to do our part, and wearing a mask has proven to be helpful, “said one fan.

One individual, apparently, hinted that Buju Banton was overly concerned with wealth and not health, while insinuating that these ideologies might emerge as a form of colorism. “Sorry Buju but this is a NO go, because it seems you’re having a problem with the economic effect of this pandemic instead of the Heath aspect of killing our people, so aligning you with people who don’t love brown people? Tighten it up, sir. You’re the same way though, “came a reply.

What if your position on Buju ‘s recent address to his people?