American artist Bia reacts to allegations that she disrespected Nasty C

American artist Bia reacts to allegations that she disrespected Nasty C.

U.S. rapper Bia will never think about disrespecting any Mzansi rapper, particularly Nasty C, after his fans came for her, believing she was firing shots at the “Palm Trees” rapper.

Taken to twitter, the “No Hands” rapper shared how much she wanted to visit Mzansi and asked the masses to plug her in with all the local fire rappers she could probably launch another hot partnership to get the two worlds of hip hop together for culture.

“Who are some of the fire artists in South Africa that I can associate with? Put me on that, “she said.

On the many recommendations she got, Nasty C was among the candidates that were named, and in a now deleted tweet, Bia caught the numbers of her new single to compare with Nasty’s last song, ZMWP, and the fans saw it as a dig to the Mzansi rapper.

Bia replied by pointing out the miscommunication, explaining that she was just attempting to find out that the certificate meant nothing but no insult to anybody.

“I was showing that to the person who said we can’t collab bc of numbers, that was to show them they’re numbers don’t mean shit. I’m only here to make good music with good people . But carry on” Bia said.

Nasty C caught the wind of the confusion and said that it’s all fine in the hood, but something tells us that Bia could only hold back her visit to South Africa if she’s really dreaming about coming.