Alkaline – Total Murda (Prod. by SartOut Records)

Alkaline killed the beat absolutely on his new single.

For the buzz-worthy talk, Detta Boss delivered another banger that brought us a multitude of nuggets. The release titled “Total Murda,” produced by SartOut and Autobamb Records is a hardcore dancehall hit that details Alkaline’s “badness” with a captivating set of original streams and witty lyrics combined.

The Vendetta deejay continues to catch his listeners with a famous Jamaican cautionary tip. Dem know wah fine fi dem, dem gwaan dem room, “warned high pitched voices before the reinforcement,” right! “was the product of a distorted context influence. Then with the chorus, the two-minute and thirty-second battle track begins, and fans get a triple-treat with the verses.

“Start pi** up himself wah di raass, bwoii calm / Ya go learn today seh never try fi diss a icon / I never know a Gilbert, I know a Ivan / But a nuh comparison dem shot ya blow high storm,” Alkaline deejays in the second verse.

Alkaline ‘s complex flows combined with a laughable and, admittedly, wonderful recurrent ad-lib where the deejay mimics the sound of a gun rather than using the sound effect has the effect of a sensational guilty pleasure of sorts. The tone of the mouth that has him splitting his closely shut lips in three fast movements is ideally paced and inexplicably irresistible as he sings along.

“Know wah you a do cah we never tek talk / Run inna di yard and go buss a head fast / Total murda / Push ee crime further / Yeah we love killing and we love extort / And we do the badness weh straight from we heart (mpwah mpwah mpwah) / Murda yuh bl**cl**t,” he sings in the hook.

Have a listen and see if you don’t find yourself mouthing “mpwah mpwah mpwah.”

Download: Alkaline – Total Murda (Prod. by SartOut Records)