Ace DeRoyce’s ‘Umfana weKnu Wave’, Hints On Working With T3rry Tempo, Future Releases, and Mini-Projects

As Ace DeRoyce tries to break into the Zim Hip Hop scene, he takes things slowly and steadily, teasing the audience with a glimpse of what they may expect from him in the near future.

T3rry TempoBYO’s Golden Boy” is one of the most hyped up and coming talents in Bulawayo, according to the young artist. He claims that if the upcoming song is properly advertised, it will astonish a large number of people, which is one of the reasons they are delaying its release.

The partnership of these two young musicians will have a significant impact on both of their careers. However, Ace claims that it would not have been possible without the involvement of his producer Klyve and that things would have been quite different if Kotiion had not been present to oversee the recording and mastering process. The single will be released in the coming weeks or months.

The young rapper also revealed that he is working on two EPs at the same time: a drill EP with producer Real i’ance and, of course, his best producer and friend Klyve Hitmaker. B.A.M (By Any Means) is the title of the drill EP, which he picked because he needs to make it and break out of the streets in order to improve and elevate the hip hop industry in Bulawayo, as well as support his family and friends through music profits.

Ace DeRoyce's 'Umfana weKnu Wave', Hints On Working With T3rry Tempo, Future Releases, and Mini-Projects"

Furthermore, he stated that the second EP he is working on is a chilly, solemn, and dark EP. According to him, the EP tells the tale of his life from the beginning to the present, including how his family has gone through ups and downs, how it has shaped who he is and what he will become, and how it has affected and changed his perspective on life. A few promising artists from his area will be featured on the Extended Play (EP). Of course, it was produced by Klyve Hitmaker and Remmy Red, a Harare-based producer. “King’s Kurse” will be the title of the EP.

“Because of the ups and downs I’ve experienced, I chose to label it that.” I used to live like a king, having whatever I desired and never lacking…I used to live a squalid existence in the suburbs with a large and happy family. Until my parents split for reasons I won’t go into here, which had a significant financial, emotional, psychological, and physical impact on me. My mother had to leave my father’s home and start a new life with only us and her belongings. She worked hard as a harsh mother to achieve everything she has today, including taking us to school and everything else. We had many challenges, struggles, and tribulations during the process.

We relocated to the densely populated suburbs, where I currently reside, and life was no longer the same; I was living like any other average person. That’s how the title and tale came about: it was like a curse. I used to live like a king, but I was condemned to live like a slave, and now I’m working hard to rectify that. Not to mention the mental health issues I dealt with as a teenager, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, paranoia, and being an anti-social introvert. All of this is covered in the EP’s bars, beats, pieces, and melodies.

Ace DeRoyce explains, “The term also comes about in the sense that being a musician makes you look like a king in some ways, but it also has its rewards, it’s like a gift in a curse.” If there are no setbacks, the EP will be released between the end of the year and the beginning of 2022.

Finally, the rapper says he hopes to collaborate with some famous names as well as great up-and-comers in the future. In the next two years, I’m hoping to work on a project, a mixtape.