About Us

Hairgenius is a low-cost hair growth and maintenance product that was born from humble beginnings. Hairgenius was created to address black women’s hair difficulties such as breakage, hair loss, and hairline issues, among others. We studied different hair types closely and devised a formula that works for us as black ladies. We provide hair care advice and recommendations, as well as tips and tricks.


And Fall In Love With It Again.

Our objective is to enlighten, inspire, and encourage beauty professionals and customers to make healthy choices with a brand that resonates with their own beliefs through positive affirmations, self-care, and hair ceremonies.


Customers are happy all around the country, and the number is growing.

Est. 2020

Our Story

Hairgenius is dedicated to bringing salon-quality, professional goods into your hands — the same products that your hairdresser and beautician use.

This diverse collection of solutions may address the most typical requirements, repairing problem areas and enhancing your characteristics for a completely new appearance.

When it comes to Hairgenius, innovation is at the top of the priority list. When it comes to offering South Africa the greatest platform for purchasing professional haircare, our team has a shared vision.

Our goal is to deliver fresh, innovative, and intriguing products from major worldwide corporations to your doorstep.

Hairgenius aspires for customer pleasure, loyalty, efficiency, and an overall fantastic experience with every order! We are committed to forming long-term connections with our customers.

Our goal is to keep you safe at all times, no matter what situation you find yourself in. We strive to make your daily activities as pleasurable and successful as possible so that you may take your passion and joy with you wherever you go.

Our Team

Key People

Everyone says it, but it’s true in our case: our success is due to our team. Each of our workers is exceptional in its own right, but it is their combined efforts that make Hairgenius such a gratifying and enjoyable place to work.


CEO & Founder



Niasha Mawere

Web Developer