A widow is dubbed a human flesh-eating witch by her in-laws.

Ruth Ndlovu’s life became intolerable after her husband died, as her in-laws accused her of being a witch who murdered her husband.

They didn’t stop there, accusing the Old Lobengula widow of being a cold-blooded witch who feeds on human flesh.

Her in-laws want her out of the family home, and they’ve been known to throw her clothes outside. They’ve given her three months to move out of their family home.

Ruth was forced to seek a restraining order against her in-laws, which included her late husband’s younger brother, Vumani Moyo, due to the intolerable situation.

“I’m seeking a protective order against my husband’s family, including his younger brother Vumani Moyo,” she says.

A widow is dubbed a human flesh-eating witch by her in-laws.

I’ve been subjected to torture since my husband’s death. My husband’s relatives have tarnished my name among my relatives and neighbors by accusing me of killing my husband on many occasions. They’ve called me a witch, and it’s emotionally draining,” she said.

“They’ve told me that I have to leave their paternal home in three months,” she continued. They would throw my clothes out of the house if there was an argument, claiming that I was no longer welcome at the house. They even like to refer to me as a witch who feeds on human flesh. I’m hoping that this honorable court will issue me a protective order against my in-laws so that they will stop threatening me and evicting me from my home.”

Ruth was issued a security order against Vumani Moyo and his family by the presiding judge, Jeconia Prince Ncube. They are not allowed to physically or emotionally harass Ruth, according to the security order. They were also forbidden from evicting her from her home.