A new album is released by R Peels

Zimbabwean rapper, R Peels, will be unveiling his 18-track album, Muchinjiko-The Crossover.

The album will be available on iTunes.

In this offering, which is his fourth record, Peels reveals his maturation with frantic lyrics and an interesting funk-rap tone.

Peels has worked with the likes of ASAPH, Kikky Badass, DJ Tamuka, and Oskid on several of the tracks.
“Andiroya,” a genius song that features Ishan, is doing well and has so far received over 140 000 views on You-Tube.

He recently secured a record and sponsorship contract with the forthcoming music giant, Zvigaba.com, and counts this accomplishment as one of the highlights of his career so far.

The album manages to draw rave reviews to the social media sites.

R Peels

From a tender age, Peels has often amused his mates and imitated American rappers.

“Shona hip-hop has always been my favorite music genre because it gives you a chance to express raw emotion and feelings. I am grateful to the Lord for the talent he has blessed me with and will always build on that to the best of my ability,” he says.

Asked where the inspiration for his lyrics comes from, he says: “Everyday experiences. That’s exactly what keeps me going. We can talk about life problems for hours, but I can make a good spin on it. My own personal experiences and what other people are going through are also inspiring me to develop new content.

R Peels describes his musical style as lively and catchy, and he also has a lot of dreams for the future, including a country tour and creating new songs.

“I am dynamic and versatile because I do not adhere to one specific style. I use the phrase Mwana WaPharoh in almost every song. It is my tagline, but also more than that because I want fans to know exactly where I come from.”