7 Confessions That Reveal Why People Cheat

7 Confessions That Reveal Why People Cheat. It is heartbreaking and devastating to be cheated on. It’s a sad fact that we can’t watch what our other halves do while we’re not there, we can’t simply track.

Every relationship needs a lot of faith and trust in your loved one. Trusting another person with your feelings is an overwhelming but beautiful thing to do. There’s no cure or special potion to protect us from being cheated on, but we’ve collected a few reasons why partners tend to cheat.

1. Day-to-day routine
There are people who claim they love a “boring life,” but no one wants to be bored when it comes to a relationship. Simple means routine, and it seems like there is no way out of something so ordinary. Despite being unhappy and disappointed, many people remain in a relationship, and so they flee from a cookie-cutter life to something thrilling and exciting.

7 Confessions That Reveal Why People Cheat

2. Fear
Commitment is a huge thing to process (just like love). Do you know those kids who will do well in class back in school but would almost always flunk the test? Yes, some people still can not handle the burden of getting it all figured out, much like high school. Self-sabotage, unfortunately, is one of the key reasons people lie.


3. Unresolved feelings
Often, without understanding the hold our history has over us, we enter into a relationship. People want to pretend it’s not there, but there’s no relief from it. It becomes more and more apparent as time passes that all the unresolved emotions of the past are still there. We prefer, as humans, to run for comfort. We run into the hands of our exes, sometimes.


4. Curiosity
Not all cheaters are invested in the act emotionally. Some are just looking for something fun and new. Finding it in someone else’s arms seems like a safe place to start for them, whether it is a new sexual experience or an emotional bond. Let’s face it: we are still kids at heart and some of us are still lit up from the inside by the promise of a new shiny toy.


5. Emotional validation
We all want to be respected, particularly by the people we love. Finding emotional affirmation from others gives us a unique boost and satisfies the need. For others, approval from one sparks a desire for approval from others, so driving them to pursue other choices on a path.


6. Fear of commitment
Monogamous interactions are not for everyone. It is difficult to go from having ‘choices’ to committing your life and love to just one person. Usually, low self-esteem and self-doubt contribute to the anxiety, making it difficult to avoid the outside world’s temptations.


7. No longer in love
It is difficult to face your own emotions and accept that love is no longer in your heart. Accepting a relationship’s demise causes untouched emotions. If you feel like the only way out is to have an affair, there is not anything you can do to deter them. Unfortunately, this is seen by others as a necessary step in moving on.