6ix9ine – Tutu (Official Music Video)

6ix9ine celebrates the release of his latest album, TattleTales, by shooting a video for “TUTU.”

The rapper is calling for an eye-popping video on Blac Chyna, which has racked up tens of millions of views within hours of publication. In the lively film, 6ix9ine welcomes fans to a carnival where he plays a jester with his rainbow hair. He sprinkles on a nude Blac Chyna with a flame thrower and dances the money alongside his girlfriend Jade.

And in typical Tekashi fashion, he can’t resist taking shots at the contest. “You can’t pop this way / Everyone wants my swag / Everyone wants my drip,” he declares. “You can’t do this because you’re not me / it drives you as nuts.”

TattleTales dropped today, featuring the Akon-assisted Nicki Minaj hit “TROLLZ” and “LOCKED UP 2.” “I’m already at the top, just keep making music now and continue to rule,” he told The New York Times.