6ix9ine Pressures Strangers To Take His Album After Sales Increasing

6ix9ine makes every attempt to get his music noticed.

Social media was abuzz with delighted chatter when it was announced that the latest album of 6ix9ine was expected to sell considerably less than initial predictions. Many thought it was coming for the artist, who frequently takes to social media to clown the commercial success of his peers.

However, 6ix9ine seems to be taking the news of his massive sales of albums in measure.


Today, the self-professed troll took to his native Brooklyn ‘s streets, where he was seen handing out copies of his album … on CD, no less. “One way or another I m a is pushing you to listen! Because you want to buy it,” he wrote on Instagram.

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My mom still thinks im a winner

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This week was a busy one for 6ix9ine who recently gave Fox 5 New York and Spanish-language network Univision exclusive televised tell-all interviews. The rapper was firm in his conviction that he was the victim of blackballing by the industry, alleging that he was targeted by recent adjustments by Billboard and MRC Data disqualifying bundles from album sales.

Ever the rapper, it seems that 6ix9ine took on the role of G Herbo to practically become “platinum in the streets.”

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