6 Reasons You Should Stay Friends With Your Ex

There are two groups of people when it comes to breakups. Some treat their exes as enemies or pretend that they do not exist, while others choose to remain friends with them and continue to be civil. For either choice, there are many reasons.

The breakup is sometimes messy and just awful and you never want to see that person again, sometimes the reason for the breakup is just unforgivable, sometimes you get really hurt and from now on it makes sense that you would want to avoid that person. All of that makes sense. But breakups aren’t always messy, and sometimes they’re just sad because it’s as simple as two people falling out of love, and it’s not always because someone messed up. And we think it’s perfectly fine to stay friends with that person afterward. In fact here are some reasons to stay friends after a breakup. 

1. Your Friendship Is Stronger Than Romance

There are times when, as mates, you start out and then you become more than that. And many people believe that the only way forward is to be friends, because you can’t go back. But that simply isn’t valid. You may have given it a try, and it just didn’t fit, and you might just be better off as friends. You should not lose that person just because it turned out that, in a romantic context, you weren’t great together. Perhaps your relationship is better than your romance.

6 Reasons You Should Stay Friends With Your Ex

2.You Live Together

So, if you were together for a while, then you would have moved in together. But after you split up, what happens? Do you expect one of you to just instantly move out and start a new life? Who can even find a place to live that fast? If your breakup was mutual and you don’t have bad blood, staying with friends is a safe idea because you’re likely to have to continue living together for a little bit before you figure out your living situation.

3.You Have Kids

Breaking up together when you have kids can be difficult. For the sake of the children and because they don’t want to split up the relationship, a lot of couples set off. But it’s all right to split up, even though you’ve got kids together. Both of you deserve to be with someone that you love. But it also makes sense to remain friends with your ex so that you can both raise the children together and whenever they want, they get to see both of their parents and they don’t feel like it’s strange.

3.You Have Kids | 6 Reasons to Stay Friends After a Breakup | Her Beauty

4.You Work Together

You may be working for the same company, and you actually like your job. You know you’re going to see each other at work, there’s no need to make it uncomfortable and fearful in the corridors to run into each other. It may be the best thing you can do to keep friends and be nice to each other so that your job runs smoothly, but you can also choose not to see each other after the workday ends and go your separate ways.

4.You Work Together | 6 Reasons to Stay Friends After a Breakup | Her Beauty

5.You Have More Good Memories Than Bad

Some relationships are only going on in a couple of years, and they just sort of fizzle out. When you started dating, you no longer feel the same way you did, maybe you start getting irritated with the guy, and now all their quirks are becoming their vices. But if you have more good memories than bad ones, it’s probably a good idea to stay friends if you can still recall the good times with a smile on your face. For a while, you shared life, and it was good while it lasted, so why would you cut it out now?

5.You Have More Good Memories Than Bad | 6 Reasons to Stay Friends After a Breakup | Her Beauty

6.You Just Want To

And finally, the simplest, and possibly the most important, reason to stay with your ex is because you both want to. You don’t need to figure out why and what to do, you don’t need to make a pro and con list. If both of you feel like you just want to stay, friends, you’re supposed to do that.

6.You Just Want To | 6 Reasons to Stay Friends After a Breakup | Her Beauty