21 Savage Talks Jay-Z Helping him with ICE & Deportation

21 Savage reports that he was prepared to be exiled back to his native United Kingdom.

Readying himself and his loyal fans for the debut of his Metro Boomin collaborative album, 21 Savage sat down to discuss his music, career, and history of legal problems involving Immigration and Customs Enforcement for an in-depth interview with DJ Scream and Big Bank on Big Facts. At one point in time, Savage was presented with the very real possibility that he would be deported, but in his time of need, he had not forgotten the people he was showing up for. In particular, during the interview, Savage took the time to yell out Jay-Z, showing his appreciation for the financial assistance Hov extended to him as he fought to stay in the US.

“When I got out, I pulled up on Jay-Z at his house and sh*t,” he recalled. “Him and Beyonce was in there. And we was kicking it. He a regular n***a. I just was thanking him like, I’ma pay you back. He was like, I don’t want your money, pay me back by being great. So I pulled up on him, chopped it up, thanked him and sh*t, cause he ain’t have to do that.” Savage went on to explain how his time behind bars changed his perspective, saying, “When I got out I really started to see all the love, like damn, that’s crazy. And I noticed all the fake love too, all the n***as who didn’t show love.”

21 Savage was born in the UK but moved as a child to Atlanta and finds his home in the United States. In February of 2019, he was taken into custody by ICE on suspicion of overstaying his visa. The case against Savage is still not closed, but for now, on American soil, he is enjoying his freedom. 21 Tonight, Savage and Metro Boomin’s Savage Mode 2 is falling, and now fans are hoping that the project could also include a Jay-Z element.