21 Savage and Metro Boomin reveal their latest ‘Savage Mode 2’ album

21 Savage and Metro Boomin revealed their latest album ‘Savage Mode 2’ scheduled to be released this Friday (October 2).

Today (29 September) the announcement was shared via 21 Savage’s YouTube channel. With narration from Morgan Freeman, the duo enlisted Gibson Hazard to lead the trailer. Check it out below:

“Savage is defined as fierce, beastly and untamed,” says Freeman in the trailer’s voiceover. “Mode is defined as a way of operating or using the system. So to be in savage mode is to go hard, not allowing anything to stop or deter you from your mission.

“Basically, this means when someone is in savage mode, they are not to be fucked with.”

There is also a website with new album merchandise, a link to the teaser, and a countdown to the ‘Savage Mode 2’ update.

The announcement follows 21 Savage on Twitter earlier this month posting a phone number that the rapper’s fans called to hear what is suspected to be a glimpse of his new content.

‘Savage Mode 2’ is the long-awaited follow-up to 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s collaboration album ‘Savage Mode’ released in July 2016.

In addition to the announcement of the album, 21 Savage recently made headlines in his work to establish a financial literacy program for lock-up students.

I believe it is more important than ever to give our next generation the resources to succeed in life,” he said in a statement earlier this year.