Meet the 16 Year Old Dancer, Aspxct

Clemence William, better known as Aspxct, a 16-year-old Harare Boy specializing in Dancing, Choreography, and Youtuber, started dancing back in 2017 after being inspired by Ayo and Teo and the American Dance Duo.

Since then he’s been shooting dance videos and releasing them on the social media website, and getting good feedback. For more of the young dancers, just check it out on Instagram and on YouTube at Aspxct Will Ent.

“I didn’t have much interest in dancing, but I kept dancing because of peer pressure”.

Well there’s a lot of dancers in Zimbabwe and that’s a major competition, but I’m always trying to do the best since I’m the youngest of them all.

I just want to inspire my generation and take it to the next stage, and I just want the Zimbabwean nation to see the potential inside the youth,” Aspxct said during an interview with Mr. Kiezy.